Our commitments


The DNA of our mission is the reduction of food waste and more precisely the waste of bread and pastries for bakers, restaurateurs, caterers, and closely related professionals.

Our mission towards our customers is twofold :

  • To help our customers get as close as possible to Zero Waste by drastically reducing their loss. This benefits our clients by strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and enables them to implement other anti-waste strategies.
  • Allow organizations to implement significant savings. Breadcrumbs not only replace flour but can also be used in place of almond flour and butter, depending on the origin and their processing.


To maintain a consistent approach within our organization, we do everything we can to limit our ecological footprint. We utilize travel trains and bicycles as much as possible. We avoid using disposable equipment. We print as few documents as
possible. We reduce the size of our attachments, etc.

Our fantastic team is made up of committed people, who aim to respect the environment both professionally and personally. We implement eco-friendly actions on a daily basis and whenever possible.


Notably, waste is everywhere, especially at home! Waste has significant consequences on nature and our wallets. It is possible for everyone to reduce waste and can be done by implementing simple and small actions every day.

It is also in the reason why we conduct public awareness workshops. Our goal is to raise awareness among the general public about anti-waste actions and conserving our environment.