The Crumbler pack

Thanks to Crumbler, you can grind your unsold bread or pastries from the day before to obtain high-quality artisanal breadcrumbs, and then use them in innovative recipes that we provide for you. This leads to substantial savings for you and your business.

Included in the Crumbler Pack are:

Crumbler Alpha

Small flow rates
Power : 0,75kW

Crumbler 1

medium flow rates
Power : 1,5kW

Crumbler 2

Hight flow rates
Power : 2,2kW

Specialty breads, pastries, snacks…the possibilities for recipes that utilize artisanal breadcrumbs are endless. By experimenting with the type of bread that is ground, the particle size, the percentage that is incorporated in each recipe…you can create your own recipes.

To help you get started easily, we provide you with recipe booklet which utilize breadcrumbs. For example, you even can bake the famous cookie which replaces 100% of the required flour with breadcrumbs.

Additionally, in partnership with Best Craftman of France (MOF) Mickaël MORIEUXnew recipes are sent to our customers every month.

For tasty anti-waste bread recipes!

Examples of products sold in bakeries: baguette with 20% breadcrumbs, decorative toppings, specialty breads, cookies, sweet and savory bites, bags of artisanal breadcrumbs, pizza dough, waffle dough, etc.

We provide our customers with the Health and Safety Guide for the implementation of the project following the study co-financed by ADEME Nouvelle-Aquitaine and carried out jointly by the AGIR laboratory and the Analysis Laboratory of the Department of Dordogne. This study consisted of the microbiological analysis of bread and breadcrumbs for 1 year in several storage conditions.

You will then be able to implement an anti-waste program in complete safety.

Just like the almond croissant, a product made from yesterday croissants and extremely valuable, it is important to give value to the delicious recipes from your unsold bread. This is why we provide you with turnkey marketing tools that allow you to display your new range of eco-responsible products in the most beneficial way possible.

This is why we created Crumbler Recipes.

All clients and stakeholders using the Crumbler bread grinder are networked via a web platform and a WhatsApp group which facilitates the exchange of recipes, photos, experience feedback, customer feedback, sharing of processes, etc., all to help you innovate faster.