Our story


  • While volunteering for various organizations associated with food assistance, Franck becomes aware of the extent of food waste and its social and ecological impacts. He decides to quit his job as a planner and devote himself to this cause. He begins experimenting in his kitchen and quickly discovers that he can make delicious cookies from stale bread ground into breadcrumbs.


  • The first “anti-waste cookie” culinary workshops are held in school and workplace cafeterias.
  • When he presents his “anti-waste cookie” idea to bakeries, bakers like the idea but inform him that it is unrealistic to grind all their unsold goods using small food-processors made for the home. They need a large, dedicated grinder. Hence, the idea of The Crumbler is born!
  • Franck seeks help from specialized engineers.


  • In October 2017, the first Crumbler is installed at the PERRIN bakery in Bordeaux, France. The owner Mrs. PERRIN, and chef François MATEUS are very enthusiastic, and begin testing numerous recipes for breads and pastries that utilize artisanal breadcrumbs.


  • The Crumbler proves its worth in Bordeaux. Local and national media begin to take an interest in the problem, which garners attention to the cause.
  • Simultaneously, we begin organizing anti-waste buffets, for which the concept is simple: present the eco responsible products at beautiful buffets for businesses and communities with catering needs, then take orders for these products on behalf of our baker clients. By bringing new markets to the bakers, we complete the circle.


  • The year begins with a bang when a news story released by online media, Brut, receives > 6 Million views! New stories appear in major media outlets (TF1, France 2, M6, etc.) and the concept explodes.
  • The first Crumblers arrive outside of mainland France: Reunion Island, Switzerland, Belgium…and even Canada!
  • The culinary workshops to raise awareness continue. More than 150 workshops are held at school and workplace cafeterias, and health care facilties.
  • Crumbler is selected to as an incubator project at the Maison pour Rebondir.


  • A major step is taken in January, we participate in our first trade show at Europain Paris and it creates lots of excitement for the new year. At the same time, a second story is released by online media Brut. Again it receives > 6 Million views!
  • The quick development of the Covid-19 pandemic affects everyone. This gives us a chance to lift our noses from the grindstone. Fortunately, bakeries continue their vocation and the demand for Le Crumbler does not stop.
  • We sell and install our 100 th Crumbler!


  • With regional and national support, we launch a new venture, Try before You Buy Program. Under a trail period, we begin lending Le Crumbler to artisan bakeries and create a large anti-waste network.
  • During the Exp’hotel 2021 trade show, we approached Best Craftsman of France (MOF) Mickaël MORIEUX about joining our team to help us with recipe development.


  • We are installing Le Crumbler in a growing number of supermarkets (all chains represented), and we units in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Morocco…and even on a cruise ship!
  • We launch a new marketing strategy with the help of Chef Christophe MICHALAK who demonstrates Le Crumbler on the Capital show. Soon we are overwhelmed with new orders.


  • Lola, Operations Manager, joins our team and breathes new life into the venture.
  • The 500 th Crumbler is sold and installed. This represents > 3 million baguettes saved each year thanks to this venture!


  • The start of 2024 is marked by the arrival of our super Communications Manager Manon, and we look forward to a very exciting Europain trade show.
  • In the America, we sell and install our fist Crumbler in New York !


The very first Crumbler was installed at the end of 2017 in the Perrin Bakery in Bordeaux, France.

The idea of transforming bread into cookies attracted the attention of numerous local and national media sources. This media boom then allowed Crumbler to make itself known to other professionals: the process was launched!

trois personnes avec le broyeur a pain

Our goal at Crumbler is not to sell a simple grinder to professionals. We provide complete support for the baker. Once your Crumbler is installed, you benefit from support from our team and from resources that make up the Crumbler Pack


In parallel with the Crumbler project, Franck conducts culinary workshops to raise awareness of food waste. These workshops are characterized by the creation of anti-waste recipes within the host structure. The flagship recipe remains the cookie, but many options are possible! These workshops already take place in schools, cafeterias, nursing homes, etc. Do not hesitate to contact our team.